A Glossary Of Common Mobility Scooter Terms

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Every industry has its language and terms. These words and phrases can be confusing to anyone who is not part of the daily operations of a specific sector, and the fast-evolving mobility scooter and wheelchair rental industry is no different.

To help you understand the terms, acronyms, and phrases regularly used when dealing with your mobility scooter Sun Mobility Rentals Dallas has created this handy reference guide. Here you’ll find valuable information allowing you to comprehend and communicate your situation and needs effectively.

Tiller Console

This component of your mobility scooter houses all the necessary controls to drive the mobility scooter, such as your key switch, throttle control lever, horn button, speed adjustment dial, battery meter, etc.

Key switch

The key switch is where you place the key, then switch and turn clockwise to power on the mobility scooter. Alternatively, you turn the key counterclockwise to power it off.

Horn button

This is the button that, when pressed, will activate the horn, letting people know you are coming through or need assistance.

Battery condition meter

A battery condition meter is a visual meter that is there to inform the occupant of the battery’s strength. Green indicates fully charged, and yellow indicates a draining charge. Red indicates that an immediate charge is needed.

Speed adjustment dial

This dial will allow the rider to control the speed of the mobility scooter. The image of a turtle represents the slowest speed, and the rabbit represents the fastest speed.

Throttle control lever

This lever will allow the rider to go forward or reverse.

Rear components

This portion of the scooter houses the manual freewheel lever, anti-tip wheels, and motor/ transaxle assembly.

Manual freewheel lever

This lever wheel allows the occupant to push the mobility scooter for short distances.

Anti-tip wheel

These wheels are an essential safety feature. This will ensure the mobility scooter does not tip backward when going up a steep hill.

Main circuit breaker

Also known as the “reset button,” this breaker will trip when the batteries are too low or the scooter has an excessive load. This protects the motor and electronics from being damaged.

Battery pack

The battery pack is an easy-to-remove encasement that houses two rechargeable batteries. It may also contain a battery charge port, the main circuit breaker, and the battery pack fuse.

Charger power cord receptacle

A three-pin power cord that plugs into the battery charger port. Some mobility scooter models will have an additional battery charger port that is tiller mounted.

Seat rotation lever

This lever is located underneath the seat on the right side. Pull up on the lever, and the seat will rotate. Release the lever; the seat will lock into place.

Tiller adjustment knob

This circular knob is found near the base of the tiller. When turned counterclockwise, the tiller will have the ability to move forward or backward. When turned clockwise, the tiller will tighten into place. This will allow the occupant to adjust the angle of the tiller for comfort.

Beep codes

These are sounds that help the occupant perform basic troubleshooting of the mobility scooter.

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